Hello guys welcome to phphelp.net.So today we will back with yet another article on “How to make money online with affiliate marketing“. There are numerous ways to make money online and from now in this website i am gonna start online money earning tips with you guys.So this will be the first article of this series.We are in 2019 and making money online isn’t a thing to gets amazed these days.There are several ways to make money online among them affiliate marketing is hot topics now a days.The future of affiliate marketing is great because of the increasing number of blog viewers.Lot’s of product of emerging now a days and proper marketing is required for the proper sales of the product.So this is detail affiliate marketing guide from A to Z

In nutshell,affiliate marketing allow you to monetize your content by promoting other companies product.You will simply add the affiliates link on your content and if any of your blog viewer buy the product with your link within 30 days you will get a handsome amount of commission.

In this article we will be discussing about the basics of affiliate marketing,it’s working technique and the way to make sales with your blog post.So let’s start:

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is defined as referral arrangement in which online advertisers or companies pay you when they get a sale of their product using your affiliate links.

You may have heard other ad networks like adsense,taboola which pay you on the basis of views and click you get but affiliate working on the basis of the CPA or cost per lead basis means you won’t get any amount of money when you receive click or traffic on your blog post.You will get money only when there is conversion or sales in simple.

Advertisers prefer “cost per lead” because it is also beneficial for them and they have to only pay if publishers gives benefit to Advertisers.Both advertisers and publishers are benefited if publisher tries their best for the conversion.

Affiliate marketing sounds easy but it is really difficult to earn if you works in short-cut ways.You need to work genuinely if you want to achieve career in affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing involves a long process.You need to choose the niche you are more interested and you have comparatively more knowledge because in this field you will be competing with lots of the well established affiliate marketer and believe me it gonna be the journey to hell but if you work with full passion it will be really simple.Many people simple setup a wordpress site and thinks they are ready to earn money.But they are wrong.You need to write engaging and well seo optimized article to rank in google and get sale.You should try a various technique such as capturing email of visitor and more which we will be discussing later.

How does affiliate marketing work in real?

Now let’s discuss how affiliate marketing works?You journey to affiliate marketing start by choosing the right companies.You need to decide yourself to which companies you want to partner with.The companies you will partner to promote their product is called as “merchant”.Simply if you partner with merchant you are now called as “affiliate”.These two word most occur in this affiliate marketing journey.Some company defines publisher as associates,marketer etc.

Once you join the partner program of the affiliate marketing companies such as amazon,clickbank,aliexpress etc you will receive a unique affiliate id which is also called as tracking id for the affiliates.Now you can promote their product in many possible ways such as adding banners to your website ,writing reviews of the product with pron and cons and convincing them to buy the product at last by giving good reviews of the product.You can also try email marketing.

You can send a good email template to viewer and engage them with our content so that they are convinced to buy the product.Newsletter promotion is also one of the best possible ways.All the traffic you will send it to the advertiser website with above mentioned way will be tracked with your unique affiliates id.

Now if you product receives the sale you can see your commission in the dashboard area of the advertiser and you will be paid once you reach threshold amount every 15 or 30 days depending upon the advertisers.

Get started with affiliate marketing

Suppose you decided to join affiliate marketing then you need to follow right blogging alogrithm to achieve success in affiliate marketing.If you don’t have content writing techniques then this journey gonna be hard for sure.Alternatively you can hire some freelancer to write article about the product you want to promote and pay some bucks to them.

For example you are using wordpress.com you will get some restriction regarding product and service links you gonna add.You can’t add various kind of affiliate tracking tool on your website so you will loose most of the visitor/

You should should self hosted wordpress.org so that you can add any services you want to your website.You can add lots of tracking tools and plugins so that you can atleast capture their emails.

If you haven’t created a website till now i will be launching “how to start blog” course soon.The first step is to choose right web cloud hosting.Before choosing web hosting service have a look at the best cloud hosting providers of 2019.

After choosing the web hosting you simply need to site within 5 minutes.

You also need to add legal page such as privacy policy and terms of service on your page.You should also add affiliate disclosure page .These page help to improve your understanding with clients and help to protect you from future legal issues.

Finding affiliate product and service to promote

After setting up the wordpress blog next step is to finding best product and finding variety of the product so that you can earn good amount of money.

1)Became a affiliate for the product you are using

You can start promoting the product you already use.Doing this helps to get more sale because you can easily write indepth reviews of the product.This build the understading between the you and your blog visitor which helps to achieve more sale.

affiliate marketing guide
affiliate marketing guide

I  am regular mailchimp user since i am using it for email marketing.I can make it review and achieve more sale easily.You can easily locate affiliate program in merchant website easily.

2)Look for blog products other are recommending

Recommending blog product also helps to generate sale from your affiliate link.The method is simple.Example:if you are running a technology blog refer to top website of your niche .Then look after their different post,you can see the product they are promoting , now simply implement the same product or different product of same niche in your blog.

How to identify affiliates product of competitor website?


amazon affiliate guide
amazon affiliate guide

You can see this banner ads in header,footer or sidebar of the ads.If you click this banner it will redirect you to the merchant website.In the url section you can also see the tracking id of the current affiliate marketer.

3)Join different affiliate group

If you want to achieve success in the field of the affiliate marketing ,you should be in group.You can’t do alone.Attend webinar of top marketer,join facebook group and more.Quora is also way to be in connect with marketer.The main motive is to be in contact with every bloggers and affiliate marketers.

4)Provide proposals to companies

You can be the affiliate partner of certain merchant by simply going to their website and finding affiliate section.But if you didn’t find the affiliate section in merchant website,contact them through the email support.Tell them you will help to sale their product and they should offer some bucks upon lead,they will surely accept your proposals.

What are affiliate network and why should you join them?

Affiliate network acts as middleman between you and the real merchant.This means you are the affiliate marketer for the network and affiliate network are working as affiliate marketer for merchant website.

There are several advantages of joining affiliate network.You can experience the wide range of the product to promote and commission is also really good.

Affiliate network provide really good dashboard for promoting their products.You can search to their wide range of the products,manage sale,affiliate tracker and more.Overall joining affiliate network is also a profitable idea for sure.

Some of the top affiliate network are:

  • shareasale
  • maxbounty
  • peerfly
  • Cj affiliates
  • Amazon associate

Among the above affiliate network maxbounty is m personally best.

Affiliate marketing guide to increasing earning by 150%

We have covered some of the basic ideas of affiliate marketing and affiliate network.After setting up the wordpress blog apply these tips to increase affiliate marketing earning

1)Choose well established companies and product to promote

If you are working as a affiliate marketer,you don’t have control over the product you are promoting.The product your are promoting may not have a future and it may saturate in market in short period of time.So before promoting the product do the well research of product.

Always promote the product that have you experienced.For example if you are tech blogger ,you may have use hosting services such as bluehost,hostgator etc.As a affiliate marketer i know these companies are established about two decade ago and have a great future so you can promote these type of the products.

2)Offer valuable and rich content

As an affiliate marketer you can simply add the banner and link ad on your niche website.Simply adding the link can’t convince the user to buy product from your link.The most important things is to offer rich and unique content.

Before promoting products do the well research of the product in the market.Do the paper work of the products,make a list of your targeted visitor,their country and offer a content in the different language as well.You should write a perfect articles,if you can’t just hire some writer from upwork or any freelancer site.Keep in mind if you are spinning article and just posting it you can’t rank in search engine.

3)You viewers are your god

Remember that customers are you God.You should always recommend high quality product to them.You shouldn’t do review of cheap quality products and recommend to them.One time they may buy product from your link and you may earn some money.But believe me they won’t return to your blog in their entire life.So try to make visitor into customer and customer to recurring customer,this is how you will achieve a career in affiliate marketing.


Best wordpress plugins for affiliate marketer

After installing wordpress you can start promoting products but you need to do it in proper way so that you may get lead.There are wide variety of plugins available in the wordpress store such as capturing email,sending push notification and capturing the interest of blog viewer.You should use right tool and the plugins for certain product.You can check must have top 10 plugins for wordpress.

1. ThirstyAffiliates

2. AdSanity

3. MonsterInsights


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