Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
`Best cloud hosting providers of 2019

Hello guys welcome to phphelp.Today we have a interesting topics to discuss. If you are involved in something like storing data on the internet or receiving data from internet then have you ever wondered where the files are hosted? You might simply tell it’s hosting which hold the data on internet world and you are right!!. If you are blogger,developer then you might need to host something on the internet space and you choose something like shared hosting or cloud hosting. It will depends on your budget ,your requirements and it’s quality.Today we are going to look down the best cloud hosting providers of 2019.

There is a long ongoing history for the website hosting.Websites owners are hosting their website on the different traditional hosting services but the time has changed now .We are in 2019  there is something called “cloud” on the internet world.From cloud storage to cloud computing, the use of the cloud technology is increasing day by day.Every traditional thing on the internet is now transferred to the cloud technology.So the hosting providers are putting themselves in the front on the business of web hosting by starting the cloud hosting technology for their client.

Well we may have heard about dedicated hosting ,shared hosting and bla bla ….Today we will be talking about the cloud hosting.Confusion may arrive when i introduced the word “cloud” infront of you guys but don’t worry i will be providing you the answers of the some questions regarding cloud hosting and going into the topic of best cloud hosting providers of 2019

What is cloud hosting?

Before talking about the best cloud hosting providers of 2019 let me clarify you guys about the cloud hosting first then we will jump into the topic.

The cloud hosting may be a bit technical however let’s realize it in an exceedingly straightforward manner. The cloud hosting may be a network of virtual servers that faucet into associate underlying network of physical net servers. This faucet into this network depends upon the particular wants of the web site. therefore it will be scaled up or down consequently.

On a technical level, the resources needed for your web site to run on a server are detached across multiple remote servers. the most issue in cloud hosting is it spreads across multiple servers. Since your web site isn’t wishing on one server. It runs on a network of servers. you’ll take into account this network of servers because the cloud.

In this approach, the load on one server is distributed on a network of servers and load on one server distributed. therefore one will get the simplest performance on this kind of cloud hosting.

Advantages of using cloud hosting for storing data on web space

I think you are well known about cloud hosting.There are several advantages of using cloud hosting.As we have mentioned earlier that load across the server are well distributed in cloud hosting , now let’s look at the other advantages also

  • Cloud hosting offers you the incredible speed and performance
  • your application are deployed in the cloud server instead of single server
  • Cloud hosting gives you strong security and stability
  • Down time for the application hosted on the cloud hosting is almost 0 %

With these advantages many people prefer cloud hosting instead of shared hosting.Now there are lot’s of IT industry or hosting providers offering cloud hosting and the motto is to choose best cloud hosting depending on the traffic of your website and budget.So let’s look at the best cloud hosting providers of 2019.

Best cloud hosting providers of 2019


Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
Best cloud hosting providers of 2019


Bluehost is the best cloud hosting providers of 2019.

Hostgator offers the most effective in responsible, quantifiable and performance, creating it the highest alternative in cloud hosting firms. There’s no worries regarding losing data because   Hostgator has three  copies of your data  stored within the cloud.The cloud hosting plans of the hostgator is flexible and versatile.All plans have unmetered information measure and storage, also as unlimited MySQL. Hostgator works with Windows and linux operating system.

The hatchling  Cloud hosting  helps you to host one domain with a two  core CPU unit and 2 GB of RAM. The Baby Cloud offers hosting for unlimited domains and a rise in CPU up to quad core and 4 GB of RAM.

The Business plans of cloud hosting offers you unlimited domains and 6 cores with 6 GB of RAM. Your eCommerce platform are going to be secure with the secure socket layer (SSL). You’ll conjointly get nice speed with the absolutely integrated native caching.

Your pages can load super quick attributable to the automated caching of static content. Hostgator offers  up to 8 cores and 6 GB of RAM and unlimited information measure.I am damn sure that you will love the Rocket fast cloud hosting of Hostgator . If you are looking for the best cloud hosting providers of 2019 then hostgator might be the best choice for you.

#02 Digitalocean

Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
Best cloud hosting providers of 2019

Digital ocean  is the best cloud hosting providers of 2019.

With a client base of over 550,000 developers, they’re one in all the foremost trusty and reliable platforms within the business.

DigitalOcean permits you to form, automate, and manage a sturdy cloud server infrastructure. It conjointly offers the out of box options like floating information processing addresses, Tier-1 information measure, team accounts, shared personal networking and SSD (solid-state drive) exhausting drives come back as normal.

There area unit presently eight centers across the planet set within the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Holland, U.K., Germany, and India.

There area unit loads of rating plans obtainable. the foremost basic plans begin at $5. the simplest issue regarding the DigitalOcean is, all plans keep company with solid-state drives (SSD) as normal. you may positively notice an idea that matches for you. you’ll be able to notice the rating plans of DigitalOcean here. each package comes with a bunch of further options.

The best things i like about DigitalOcean is about it’s pricing strategy , you will only charged for the actual usage of your server .

The plans keep company with monthly caps. The monthly caps make sure that you’ll never exceed the utmost payment resources, notwithstanding what number droplets area unit made.

If you confused regarding what’s droplets is then recognize that, DigitalOcean refers to servers as “droplets.”

If you’re sorting out the best cloud hosting providers of  2019 at an inexpensive value, then this might be a decent choice for you.


#03 Vultr

Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
Best cloud hosting providers of 2019

Vultr is additionally the best cloud hosting providers  in 2019. If you require  superior SSD cloud servers then this one for you.

Vultr provides superior SSD cloud servers thus it puts a worldwide footprint. Its main motive is to supply the foremost reliable and economical service.

Vultr is quickly known for its quick SSD cloud server. Vultr offers 100% solid-state drives (SSD). This uses the newest generation Intel CPUs. you’ll be able to make a choice from fourteen low latency locations round the world thus you’ll be able to get your cloud server instance spun up in sixty seconds.

Something that produces Vultr except for different is its versatile choices at a lower cost level. They have a plan according to the need of tiny business and entrepreneu.rsYou can install several options with only 1 click. This saved plenty of your time so you’ll be able to target additional necessary problems. Another awing feature is that the dedicated scientific discipline addresses. It may be altered.

Currently, Vultr offers four differing kinds of hosting choices. Vultr Cloud cypher (VC2), blank Metal Simplified, Block Storage and Dedicated Instances. the foremost basic arrange starts at $2.50/mo.

Vultr provides nice client support. you’ll be able to realize several FAQs and useful posts on their web site.You can additionally contact the client care team members directly through email, ticketing or social media.

Thus you can say vultr as the best cloud hosting providers of 2019 because of it’s responsive and helpful support team and cheap cost.


#04 DreamHost


Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
Best cloud hosting providers of 2019

DreamHost is one among the most effective cloud hosting services if you would like a fast cloud host launch. You’ll be up and running in the web in only 30 seconds.DreamHost offers a Content Delivery Network (CDN) wherever they deliver your files to servers all round the world.

Once your web site is up and running with DreamHost, you’ll realize that it’s a reasonably smart worth.

You can run your server for as long as you would like it and solely get charged a most of 600 hours in any given month. DreamHost includes a hundred GB of block storage and you’ll purchase further blocks of a 100 GB storage for $10 per month if you would like. The information measure is unlimited and forever free.

Dream host offers up to 30 GB of RAM and works with UNIX, BSD, and Windows operating systems.DreamHost offers you plenty of storage choices with 5 totally different evaluation plans with absolutely climbable storage. Redundant services mean that your data is safe and accessibleIf you run into hassle with any system problems, DreamHost has staffers standing by 24/7 for chat and email support.

Dreamhost  is personally by best cloud hosting providers of 2019.


#05 GoDaddy

Best cloud hosting providers of 2019
Best cloud hosting providers of 2019

Godaddy is the business of Domain registration and web hosting business since 1999 and must trusted name in the business and the best choice for the best cloud hosting providers of 2019. 

Godaddy cloud servers can be set up in minutes after the payment is made and you have the whole control over their servers.Godaddy is one of the affordable cloud hosting provider with it’s most expensive plans at only 80 USD a month.

We have five different plans to choose to cover the need of many people.Depending upon which plan you choose, you can get between 20 and 80 GB bandwidth. RAM ranges from 512MB to 12 GB for the top plan. GoDaddy works with Linux and Windows operating systems.





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