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In the previous course, you have already learned about the basics of PHP. Before starting this course, if you haven’t completed the previous PHP learn basics course then start the previous course from this link .

This course strives to make you an expert PHP programmer. Being an expert programmer doesn’t mean being well experienced in the syntax and the features of a language; instead, it means that you can effectively use the language to solve a particular problem. After the completion of this course, you will get the idea on PHP in depth. You will be able to understand and find the strength and weaknesses. Apart from this you will also able to tackle the problems that may arise during the coding phase.

The main goal of this course is to prompt users to always consider using the most secure and efficient methods of program development. The code in this course provides some examples of using these techniques. The user should remember that no program is 100% secure. The programmer can only strive to make an application as secure as possible. It takes a team of developers, network personnel, security administrators, data center personnel, and others working together to provide the safest environment.

So you are at the right place where you can learn PHP in depth.


Course Curriculum

Introduction to PHP Advanced Course FREE 00:10:00
Object Oriented Programming(OOPs) in PHP
OOPs introduction FREE 00:10:00
Classes and Objects 00:20:00
Inheritance and its types 00:20:00
Data Abstraction 00:20:00
Encapsulation 00:20:00
Polymorphism 00:20:00
Interface 00:10:00
Constructor and Destructor 00:20:00
PHP date and time
Introduction 00:10:00
PHP date() function 00:30:00
PHP time() function 00:20:00
PHP bugs debugging
Bugs and Debugging in PHP 00:10:00
PHP and MYSQL Basic Concept
Introduction 00:10:00
Creating table in MySQL database 00:20:00
MySQL Database 00:30:00
PHP and JavaScript Basic Concept
Introduction FREE 00:20:00
JavaScript in PHP 00:30:00
PHP XML 00:20:00
AJAX PHP FREE 00:30:00
AJAX PHP Example FREE 00:20:00
AJAX Database Live Search FREE 00:30:00
PHP JSON Parsing
JSON Parsing Concepts 00:20:00
PHP Filters
Filters 00:30:00
PHP User Authentication and Session Security
PHP Authentication 00:30:00
Session Security 00:20:00
PHP Facebook login for developers
Login with facebook 00:30:00
Hosting our project in the Server with 000webhost
000webhost Introduction FREE 00:10:00
Hosting our Project in 000webhost 00:30:00
PHP Advanced QUIZ 00:35:00

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