How to do keyword research
How to do keyword research

Hello guys welcome to phphelp.Today i am back with another blogging tricks to share with you guys.I know most of my viewer want to start their career in the field of blogging so i will be sharing you guys “how to do keyword research for seo in 2019“.So stay with me to know the best trick to do keyword research for seo in 2019  and rank your focus keyword in no time 🙂

Keyword research for seo in 2019

What is keywords?

Keyword are the information or the data you enter in the google.In simple or non technical language keywords are the entities you search in Google.When you enter the certain keywords in the google, google crawl the entire website in it’s database and show you the best result depending upon the 200 ranking factor we will discuss it later 🙂

how to do Keyword research
how to do Keyword research

Why do we need to learn keyword research?

Keyword research is the most important factor regarding SEO.As i mentioned earlier keyword are the thing that tells the google what your content is about.When someone type certain keywords on the google you will get the best result regarding to related keyword and other factor.

We need keyword research to find the best searched keyword in our niche.We will also get the regional information regarding the keyword we are going to rank it for.Some people start blogging without the knowledge of keyword research but it won’t matter, and many people fail in the field of blogging due to proper keyword research knowledge.

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Best ways to do  keyword research for SEO in 2019

There are several ways to do keyword research.Millions of tools and resources are available on the internet regarding keyword research.I will be showing you the best free and paid tool that gonna help you in keyword research.

Yoast seo for wordpress

Yoast seo is the best free tools to learn the keyword research in 2019.If you are beginner then i suggest you to use wordpress as CMS(content management system).There are thousands of the tool available on the wordpress plugin store that are similar to yoast seo but i would recommend Yoast seo.

Why yoast SEO for keyword research?

In yoast seo you will have the full control of the webpage you want to rank.It have focus keyword section where you need to type the keyword you want to rank.After entering the focus keyword , yoast seo will show you the all information regarding the content on your page.

how to do keyword research for SEO
how to do keyword research for SEO

As you can see in the picture above yoast seo will show the information in detail and show the things you need to add in your webpage to rank.

Best place to enter your keyword

  1. In H1 tag. Means you need to use your keyword in your Title tag.
  2. In Description. Yes, you need to use your keywords minimum 2 times in Meta Description of the blog post.
  3. In URL. When you are righting one post you need to use your keyword in your URL.

How to use the keywords in main content and how to do keyword research

When you start writing your blog , you need to take care of something before publishing it in web.First of all you need to sure to use the focus keyword in the first paragraph so the google bot can easily crawl your content.For example if you focus keyword is “ON PAGE SEO” you need to start of like this


I guess you can grab this concept easily.If you are writing the very long articles like about 2000-3000 words you need to use long tail keywords on your content.Long tail keywords are the keyword which is longer than your main focus keyword.Long tail keywords are also called LSI keywords .

How to find long tail keywords?

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Type your main keyword.

Step 3: And give space after type keyword. Then you will see the much long tail phrase of your keywords.

keyword research for seo
keyword research for seo


You can also find more keywords. Type your keyword and press enter and come last on the page and you will see Search Related to your keyword

Use this keyword in your article. These keywords will boost your content value. And it will help you to rank faster in google. I also use this free technique to find long tail keywords.

How do i research keywords?

My personal best free tools are UBERSUGGEST AND GOOGLE KEYWORDS PLANNER.

UBERSUGGEST is the best free tools for keyword research which show the most accurate volume of the keyword ,it’s difficulty and the long tail keyword that helps to boost your ranking. Let’s have one example :

Lets type keyword “on page seo”. Now Click on search.

how to do keyword research for SEO
how to do keyword research for SEO

Here you can see Uubersuggest shows us “Search Volume”, “SEO Difficulty”, “Paid Difficulty” and “CPC”. From here you got the idea about the keyword.

how to do keyword research for SEO
how to do keyword research for SEO

Now we need some long phrases of this keyword. Click on the keywords idea. Now here Ubersuggest suggest you best longtail keywords which you need to use in your article.

how to do keyword research for SEO
how to do keyword research for SEO

Basic google encourages me to discover longtail terms and to think about my rival. Frame google I gather 5 catchphrases then I put those watchwords to Ubersuggest where Ubersuggest demonstrate to me all challenge and more longtail phrases.



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