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000webhost Introduction


000webhost is one of the hosting sites which gives you the ability to host your website with free of cost. This may sound like a fraud but 000webhost has been in the paid hosting business for around 4 years and they are providing free hosting for 2 years. 000webhost is a great place to start experimentations or hosting relatively unimportant websites. The free hosting which is provided by 000webhost does have some drawbacks which can be instantaneously removed by upgrading your account. 000webhost or $0.00 web host as they liked to be called has a very reliable performance history and they also guarantee 99% uptime.


Features of 000webhost:

It’s completely free:

000webhost is actually a free host. This means that there are no hidden fees and scams to get money out of you. If you are content with the free hosting services there is absolutely no need to upgrade to the premium paid plans. This is the best thing about 000webhost and it delivers.
1500 MB disk space- 000webhost provides free users with 1.5 GB of free disk space which is quite a lot especially if you consider that you are practically paying nothing for it.


100 GB Data Transfer:

000webhost provides you with 100 GB bandwidth which is made possible by the unmetered connections their servers utilize.
000webhost free web hosting service banner.


PHP with MySQL support:

A lot of hosts do not give proper support to PHP and MySQL, but 000webhost provide you with the latest version of both. PHP mail() function, Sendmail, Curl, XML, Zend and many more are also supported by 000webhost.


cPanel Control Panel:

cPanel is the most advanced control panel in the industry and 000webhost uses it. The control panel has a plethora of features and it is very easy to use, even for a newcomer. While cPanel is used by many paid hosts, 000webhost is giving it our free of charge.


One click Auto installer:

000webhost is providing access to Fantastico Autoinstaller which makes installing popular scripts a breeze. This will help you make a discussion forum or an online gallery with relative ease. With a few clicks, your site will be transformed into an excellent resource.


99.9% uptime guarantee:

000webhost gives you 99% uptime guarantee for free and 99.9% for the premium package. They also have proof for that, unlike other free hosting sites which only make these facts up.

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