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All of the configuration files for the Laravel framework are stored in the config directory.

Operating system:

Laravel is a cross-platform framework. It can be used on top of a variety of operating systems, including but not limited to Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows. So you can select any of the operating system Linux, Windows or MAC.



A developer usually interacts with Laravel frame-work through a command line interface(CLI). The Windows operating system comes equipped with two of such command-lines, i.e, the Command prompt and the Powershell. or you can download the Git Bash from the official website the Git Bash is better to consider.


Text editor:

The text editor to build your web application will be your choice. Here we are using the Sublime Text 3.If you want to use the same text editor then you can download the Sublime text 3 from the official website It is a web developer’s editor that can do few useful tasks from the editor window itself. Therefore, the developer does not have to constantly switch between windows and run tasks from other applications. Another important aspect of the Sublime Text editor is its Package Control, this package manager allows us to add the package’s features.


Apache–MySQL–PHP package:

A database is a collection of data with a predefined structure. The set of data it represents can range from as little as a shopping list to a large volume of information in a corporation’s network. A database management system is needed to manipulate the data stored in a computer database.
One of the most popular database management systems is MySQL server, it uses the Structured Query Language commonly referred to as SQL. SQL is arguably the most commonly used standardized language for manipulating databases.


The PHP version we have used is: 7.2.5



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