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Step 1:

To create the database for our Laravel project, First of all, run the xampp-control panel and simply open the phpmyadmin panel in our browser and proceed to create the database by giving it a name as in the below screenshot:

Fig:The created database


Step 2:

Then go to the project directory i.e blog/config/database.php file and configure the database connection to match our database’s credentials. Laravel’s default database, which is MySQL will be kept as our database management system for our current project.

Fig:Database connection set-up


Step 3:

After configuring the database we can start our application by running laravel built-in server, For that simply use the following Artisan command:

php artisan serve


Fig:Starting the Laravel’s built-in server


Step 4:

Now check whether our application is running or not. If our laravel installation is done properly then open our web browser and enter the following URL: you will see as shown in the screenshot below:

Fig:Screenshot of a successful Laravel installation


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