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In this section, we are going to discuss the features of the latest release laravel version 5.6.
This version comes with lots of improvements and builds on the successes of the previous versions.




  • Logging Improvements:
    In the previous version, logging configuration was in the config/app.php file. But in this latest release version logging configuration moves to config/logging.php file.


  • Single Server Task Scheduling:
    If you have a task scheduler that is running on multiple servers, the task will run on each server. You can indicate that a task should only run on one of those servers with the onOneServer() method:Example:


    Note: You must use the Memcached or Redis cache driver as the default application cache driver to take advantage of single server task scheduling in the Laravel 5.6 release.


  • Dynamic Rate Limiting:
    Latest release Laravel 5.6 introduces dynamic rate limiting that gives you more flexibility and makes it possible to easily rate limit on a per-user basis.


Route::middleware('auth:api', 'throttle:rate_limit,1')
->group(function () {
Route::get('/user', function () {

In the above example, the rate_limit is an attribute of the App\User model to determine the number of requests allowed in the given time limit.


  • Broadcast Channel:
    Use channel classes in routes/channels.php, instead of using closures. If you need to generate a new channel class, Laravel 5.6 provides the following command:

    php artisan make: channel OrderChannel

    Finally, you have registered your channel in the routes/channels.php file.
    Your file looks like this:

    use App\Broadcasting\OrderChannel
    Broadcast::channel('order.{order}', OrderChannel::class);


  • API Controller:You can generate a resource controller for APIs that will exclude the unnecessary create and edit actions, which only apply to resource controllers returning HTML. To generate a resource controller, use the –api flag:
    php artisan make:controller API/PhotoController --api


  • Blade Component Aliases:
    One of the cool new features is the ability to register Blade component aliases.
    Laravel 5.6 adds the ability to register alias directives for Blade components.
    Example, if you store a component at resources/views/components/alert.blade.php you can use the component() method to alias it to a shorter name:

    Blade::component('components.alert', 'alert');

    You can then render it with the defined alias:

    <p>This is an alert component</p>


  • Eloquent Date Casting:
    We can customize the format of Eloquent date and datetime casting by the foloowing ways:
protected $casts = [
'birthday' => 'date:Y-m-d',
'joined_at' => 'datetime:Y-m-d H:00',


       This format is used on model serialization to an array or JSON data.


  • Argon2 Password Hashing:
    Argon2 is a memory-hard password hashing function which can be used to hash passwords for credential storage, key derivation, or other applications.
    It has a simple design aimed at the highest memory filling rate and effective use of multiple computing units, while still providing defense against tradeoff attacks (by exploiting the cache and memory organization of the recent processors).


  • Collision:
    Laravel 5.6 Adds Collision Package For Command Line Error Reporting.It is created by Nuno Maduro which is an error handler package for PHP command line applications. Starting with Laravel 5.6, applications will contain a dev composer dependency for Collision package.This will provide you with a beautiful error reporting when interacting with your Laravel applications through command line interface(CLI).
  • Bootstrap 4:
    In the latest version of laravel 5.6, preset includes scaffolding for SCSS files, and imports Bootstrap 4 JavaScript plugins, jQuery, and Popper.js. As of this writing, we keep the jQuery dependency that ships with Laravel, but according to the Bootstrap documentation the jQuery slim version could be used instead.

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